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Uma lista, algo completa, sobre como surgiram os nomes de bandas (em inglês).

Por exemplo:
30 Seconds to Mars

"It actually comes from a thesis that we found online it was written by a former Harvard professor. And one of the subsections of the thesis was titled 'thirty seconds to mars' and he goes on to talk about the expediential growth of technology that relates to humans and saying that we are quite literally thirty seconds to mars. What it means to us is, we thought it best described our music, in short." - Matt Wachter, bassist of 30 Seconds to Mars

Faith No More

The band was originally called Faith No Man. However, after guitarist/vocalist Mike “The Man” Morris was kicked out of the band for his dictatorial behavior, the band changed their name to Faith No More because “The Man” was no longer part of the group.


German for "power plant."


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