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Datas do fim do mundo (em inglês)

2008 — an asteroid more than ½ mile in diameter will fall on the Earth.

2009 — Armageddon will destroy the civilization, in accordance to Peter Lorie’s research on the Nostradamus’ Centuries.

2010 — the oil stock will be over and the whole world will start fighting for the natural resources. This year also Earth is promised to turn off the Sun.

2011 — the end of the Maya Calendar Cycle. The 2005 YU55 asteroid will possibly crash into our planet.

2012 — the most expected end of the world. Here come a lot of events, such as: the 5th Sun period, the Solar System will turn one of its sides to the axis of the Galaxy, all the cosmic cycles will be broken, the poles will switch upside down. Good news everyone! Indigo kids stand a chance to survive, as well as 0,5% of the population.

2013 — Doomsday. The day of the beginning and the end of everything! Hyper spatial passage to the 4th dimension will bring death to the mortals and birth to the Gods.

2014 — according to the astrophysicist’s research the solar system will sink into the cloud of cosmic dust, which will destroy everything on the planet. Pretty boring, hah?

2015 — the end of some 9576–year cycle that will put an end to the civilization.

2016 — the researcher of the climatic conditions James Hansen affirms that in 2016 all the glaciers will melt and the major part of the dry land will drown.

2017 — the end of the world will come in accordance with the hierarchical theory of disasters.

2018 — the nuclear war will start, following Nostradamus.

2019 — just commonplace crush of the Earth with the 2002 NT7 asteroid.

2020 — following the prediction of John the Baptist, Isaac Newton counted that the end of the world will occur exactly in 2020.

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