segunda-feira, julho 14, 2008

Enganos e burrices em currículos (Inglês)

"Career break in 1999 to renovate my horse"

Hobbies: "enjoy cooking Chinese and Italians"

"I'm intrested to here more about that. I'm working today in a furniture factory as a drawer"

"Skills: Strong Work Ethic, Attention to Detail, Team Player, Self Motivated, Attention to Detail"

Why Interested in Position: "to keep my parole officer from putting back me in jail"

Objective: "career on the Information Supper Highway"

"I am great with the pubic."

"Seeking a party-time position with potential for advancement."

"Finished eighth in my class of ten."

"Instrumental in ruining entire operation for a Midwest chain store."

Job Duties: "Answer phones, file papers, respond to customer e-mails, take odors."

Languages: "Speak English and Spinach."

Qualifications: "Twin sister has accounting degree."

Experience: "Child care provider: Organized activities; prepared lunches and snakes."

Objective: "I am anxious to use my exiting skills."

References: "Please do not contact my immediate supervisor at the company. My colleagues will give me a better reference."

Background: "28 dog years of experience in sales (four human)."

"Emergency Contact Number" she wrote "911."

"Directed $25 million anal shipping and receiving operations."

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