segunda-feira, julho 21, 2008

Relogios de alarme

mesmo bons para acordar! Eu quero já aquele que rebola pelo quarto e tu?

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The Puzzle Clock, found via 9 To Fried, which shoots puzzle pieces all over the place and doesn’t shut up until you reassemble it. Brilliantly annoying.

Clocky, which I own, jumps off your table and either runs across the room or under your bed while chirping like an asshole bird.

The Laser Target Alarm Clock, which requires you to hit a bullseye to shut it off.

The Drill Sargent Alarm Clock, which plays a bugle and then puts you down for a few minutes by calling you a maggot.

The Flying Alarm Clock, which (you guessed it) takes off and doesn’t shut up until you put it back in its dock.

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